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As a TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency, we work with 900+ registered and carefully vetted TikTok creators. Together we will create inspiring and entertaining branded Tiktok videos. As a TikTok Advertising Partner Adshot can amplify the created branded content or your own advertising on this trending platform to your desired target group in Belgium, The Netherlands, or worldwide.
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Pickx Prono & All Sports

Pickx PronoClientProximusProjectPromote their Pickx Prono competition in 3 daysCampaign summary video × Project DescriptionProximus is a Belgian internet-, mobile-, phone- [...]


ClientAsmodeeProjectPromote the Yu-Gi-Oh! cardgameProject DescriptionWith the launch of a new set of Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards, Asmodee, an international distributor wanted [...]

Pickx Purple Carpet

ClientProximusProjectPromote the launch of The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland, Plopsa hotel and the Pickx platformCampaign summary video × Project [...]

TikTok Ads

TikTok is a great platform to advertise on.

TikTok Influencers

For the most authentic results, create a TikTok ad with influencers.

TikTok Spark Ads

Spark ads gives your the best of influencer marketing and media buying.

Multiple TikTok Ad Formats

In Belgium and the Netherlands, TikTok has more than 7.4M young users. It's the perfect way to reach gen z and gen y.
  • Our TikTok creators have a collective reach of more than 8 million
  • Adblock-Free advertising
  • One of the fastest-growing social media platforms worldwide
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Why should I book a meeting?

Whether you want to discuss a specific project or you want to assess if influencer marketing is a fit for your brand, you can directly talk with one of our influencer marketing experts. No strings attached. Simply book a meeting via https://calendly.com/adshot/30min

I'm a creator, should I book a meeting?

At the moment we don’t offer direct consultancy sessions to creators, but we welcome creators of any size to register at www.adshot.io!

I'm a small brand, is it still interesting for me?

Of course, it is! We’d be glad to strategize possibilities with you. Even though each campaign has a minimum fee, upscaling and downscaling projects are always negotiable. If you have no marketing budgets at all available in the near future, consider registering at our self-service platform at www.adshot.io

How does the process work?

During a first meeting, we will listen to your needs and requirements and create a proposal accordingly. After the proposal is agreed upon, we will organize a campaign kick-off meeting to fill in the final blanks. We then translate the campaign idea into a clear briefing and invite relevant influencers. Together we will select the most promising influencers. After that point, Adshot will manage the campaign process and deliver a detailed campaign report containing all the metrics you need.

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