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Adshot works with 1.200+ registered and carefully vetted Twitch streamers, to create live and immersive branded experiences on Twitch.

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Adshot works with 900+ registered and carefully vetted TikTok creators to create entertaining and inspiring branded posts to TikTok.

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Adshot works with 750+ registered and carefully vetted YouTubers, to bring inspiring and entertaining branded video content to YouTube.

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Adshot works with 800+ registered and carefully vetted Instagram influencers to create leading and prominent branded posts or stories on Instagram.

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We take care of your campaigns from A to Z

  • 1
    Before the Campaign

    Adshot turns your idea into an actionable influencer marketing campaign and onboards relevant influencers.

  • 2
    During the Campaign

    Adshot assists the endorsed influencers during the content creation process to ensure the perfect content is created.

  • 3
    After the Campaign

    Adshot creates a tailor-made report that contains all the relevant metrics and handles the payments of each influencer.


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Why should I book a meeting?

Whether you want to discuss a specific project or you want to assess if influencer marketing is a fit for your brand, you can directly talk with one of our influencer marketing experts. No strings attached. Simply book a meeting via

I'm a creator, should I book a meeting?

At the moment we don’t offer direct consultancy sessions to creators, but we welcome creators of any size to register at!

I'm a small brand, is it still interesting for me?

Of course, it is! We’d be glad to strategize possibilities with you. Even though each campaign has a minimum fee, upscaling and downscaling projects are always negotiable. If you have no marketing budgets at all available in the near future, consider registering at our self-service platform at

How does the process work?

During a first meeting, we will listen to your needs and requirements and create a proposal accordingly. After the proposal is agreed upon, we will organize a campaign kick-off meeting to fill in the final blanks. We then translate the campaign idea into a clear briefing and invite relevant influencers. Together we will select the most promising influencers. After that point, Adshot will manage the campaign process and deliver a detailed campaign report containing all the metrics you need.

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