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Rely on our highly skilled team of experts and our in-house developed technology. Unburden yourself from the labor-intensive process of influencer marketing and drive high-performing campaigns at the same time.


Adshot develops cutting-edge influencer marketing strategies that create long-lasting waves amongst the next generations.


Via our first-party influencer data, we can effectively determine the ideal candidates for your future campaign.

Campaign management

Our dedicated team of customer success managers ensures a smooth campaign execution for all parties involved.

Content creation

Due to our extensive track record, we can guide influencers in creating the best possible content for your campaign.

Legal & Compliance

Adshot will make sure that all legal formalities that accompany influencer marketing campaigns are correctly fulfilled.

Campaign measurement

We will set goal-oriented objectives before the start of each campaign and track the performance of generated branded content.

TikTok Advertising

As a TikTok advertising partner, Adshot can create highly impactful advertising and amplify influencer-generated content.

Influencer Payments

Adshot will handle and process the payment and legal formalities for each influencer who participated in your campaign.

Content Repurposing

We assist in repurposing content created by influencers and handle content licensing agreements

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