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Who we are?
Influencer content creation through live streaming and video is one of the fastest-growing businesses on the planet. We give amazing opportunities to content creators on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and other platforms, while offering brands a new way to approach millennials through influencer engagement.

Adshot offers influencer marketing solutions via technology or services to brands, agencies, influencers, and their managers. Our influencer marketing platform offers easy matchmaking, networking, and collaboration tools for the different parties involved in influencer marketing.

A challenging job in the booming influencer marketing industry, care to find out more?

Your job description:
You connect and convince with brands or agencies looking for support in their influencer marketing campaigns.

– You generate leads and reach out to customers as efficiently as possible.
– You nurture and guide existing leads and customers towards successful influencer campaigns.
– You co-create innovative campaigns with marketing and influencer management agencies.
– You give demonstrations and explanations of existing and new Adshot functionalities, to existing and new customers, indicating the added value and USPs.
– You work with sales funnels and CRM tools in a structured manner, and measure success at any point in time.

What are we looking for?
We need someone with proven experience in sales with a passion for digital influencer marketing in the game industry.

You know this … you have done this before … So the next few lines are just the English version of your DNA :

– Passionate about influencer marketing
– Proactive attitude to find and elaborate opportunities, you find customers before they are even founded
– You have a great affinity with influencer technology
– You go nuts on creating killer marketing content with brands and influencers together
– You can pitch our USP and close deals as you were the Wolf of Wall Street
– Supreme team player
– Fluent in English … like a native Commonwealth Citizen
– Successful Application gets a boost for knowing French, Dutch, German, Spanish, …
– Minimum 3 years of experience in digital marketing or related/relevant industry

What we offer:
– Work closely with founders in an ambitious young team.
– Flexible working schedule.
– Stimulating environment in a start-up with huge expansion potential.
– Open for your ideas and visions.
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