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Project Description
The Park Playground is a VR arcade where everyone can play all kinds of VR games. It also features branded VR games, like a VR game based on the Belgian television show “De Mol” or “The Mole” in English. The Park Playground is mainly aimed at generation Z who are also the heaviest consumers of social media platforms, so why not have a campaign on social media? To really captivate the essence of The Park Playground they utilized the “De Mol” VR game to promote their arcades.


Adshot suggested to collaborate with two young and trendy influencers, a boy and a girl.

  • Made a dedicated video where they visited The Park Playground.
  • Added their own personal style to the footage.
  • Included a shoutout in a different video.
  • Spread the news about two individual giveaways, one on the dedicated video, one on the shoutout.

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and followed-up on each of the 2 chosen influencers, making sure that they received the input as well as execute the requested service respectively.

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Jamie-Lee Six

YouTube creator


YouTube Creator

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