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Project Description
Sonos is a renowned developer and manufacturer of wireless home audio products, including smart speakers. Their products include high-quality wireless speakers and soundbars including the Sonos One and the Sonos Beam. To promote their products to a select premium audience they were looking to utilize Instagram influencers.

Adshot suggested collaborating with 2 influencers that are active on Instagram.
During this campaign, influencers:

– Created an Instagram post with a premium feel promoting the Sonos products.
– Created three separate Instagram stories where throughout a day where they told their audiences how useful their products are for different scenarios.
– Included links and hashtags to Sonos product to guide their audience towards buying the products.

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and followed-up on each of the 2 chosen influencers, making sure that they received the necessary input. Sonos received a custom report containing the performance metrics, along with the created content.

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Reach on the Instagram posts


Reach on the Instagram Stories


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Instagram influencer

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