Promote the #supportyourlocal giveaway
Project Description
Deliveroo is one of the biggest takeaway food companies active in Belgium. Recently it wanted to support the local restaurants in light of the current measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid. Because Deliveroo is mainly used by younger audiences who are also the heaviest consumers of social media platforms, they were looking to launch a campaign on social media. To make it clear Deliveroo is doing their bit to support the local economy, they launched the hashtag #supportyourlocal. Deliveroo gave away vouchers to first-time users but also held a raffle for a €250 golden voucher.

Adshot suggested collaborating with four young, motivational, and energetic influencers.
What did they do?:

  • Dedicated multiple segments of their videos and live streams to promote the temporary offer.
  • Added their own personal style to the footage.
  • Made several shoutouts during content.
  • Freely made a TikTok, spread the news through Instagram Stories and Twitter
  • Spread the news about the two giveaways

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and followed-up on each of the 4 chosen influencers, making sure that they received the input as well as execute the requested service respectively.

  • YouTube
  • Twitch


Views on YouTube


Live views on Twitch


Actions to participate in the giveaway

Participating influencers


YouTube creator


Twitch Streamer


Twitch Streamer


Twitch Streamer

Created content examples


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