Promote Aïki as a snack for gamers
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To promote Aïki as the perfect snack for gaming, Adshot partnered up with four local Twitch streamers for at least six months. Besides permanent Aïki branding on each Twitch channel, participating streamer created fun, interactive branded content on a monthly basis.

In the first month Aïki, VCTRY and Adshot teamed up with a Belgian game developer Happy Volcano. Happy Volcano added various branded Aïki elements to their 'You Suck At Parking' game. Streamers held a three-day contest where they challenged viewers to beat a certain score in the game. Contestants who made it to the final day could win prices such as Aïki trays, cool boxes and.. 2 PS5s.

During other months different interactive experiences were organized, such as giveaways or gaming challenges.

In summary, each streamer

  • Hosted streams where they dedicated hours to playing YSAP and participating in the contest.
  • Had Aïki branding and clickable links on their stream 24/7.
  • Created Instagram posts to create buzz.
  • Created TikToks about the competition.
  • Spread the word on Twitter.
  • Participated in Aïki gaming challenges
  • Organized giveaways
  • Convinced their audiences
  • Each became an authentic Aïki ambassador

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