Full-Stack Javascript Developer
Who we are?
Influencer content creation through streaming and video is one of the fastest-growing businesses on the planet. We give amazing opportunities to content creators on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms, while offering brands a new way to approach millennials through influencer engagement.

Adshot makes influencer marketing solutions via technology or services to brands, agencies, influencers, and their managers. Our influencer marketing platform offers easy matchmaking, networking, and collaboration tools for the different parties involved in influencer marketing.

A challenging job in the booming influencer marketing industry, care to find out more?

Your job description:
You strive to make Adshot (https://adshot.io) the smartest and most intuitive platform:

– Pulling, deriving and reporting interesting metrics from social data and a large database of user data and metrics
– Optimizing user flows and experience throughout the portal
– Integrating the Adshot portal with external tools through incoming and outgoing API’s and webhooks

Required Skills
– Javascript:
> Node JS (basic knowledge + able to master soon)
> JS Single-page applications (Vue, React, Angular)
Skills that offer an added value
– Data science tools and languages (Python, R, …)
– Data architecture
– UX design
– Latest Javascript standards (es6, …)
– Cloud and DevOps technology:
> AWS (Elastic Beanstalk)
> Azure DevOps (Scrum methodology; CI/CD pipelines)
Soft Skills
– Assertive and fluent in communication, also in English
– Proactive attitude to identify and implement problems or opportunities
What we offer
– Young and ambitious team.

– Flexible working hours
– Stimulating work environment in the start-up community
– Open to your ideas and vision

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